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for me

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Thanks for all this beautiful drawings ;/////;



Ahora mi perfil vomita arcoiris (???)
Hello everybody and welcome to my DA <3!
My name is Dayanna but you can call me Annette or Ani *u*!

I love to draw and the video games
I have 21 years old ^^!
I speak spanish and a little of english c:! so I am sorry if you can not understand my bad english uvu!

my commissions account: :iconannette-dreams:
my sketchs and wips account::iconxfakelove:
my sonic style and random things::iconanishosha:

Stalk me~

:bulletblue:Facebook Page:bulletblue:
:bulletgreen: Xbox gamertag: AnnetteKennedyy
:bulletblue:Playstation ID: AnnetteKennedy

FREE Classy Status button: I don't do requests by koffeelamFREE Classy Status button: I don't do trades by koffeelamFREE Classy Status button: I don't do collabs by koffeelamFREE Classy Status button: Commissions are open by koffeelam
dont take requests stamp by ohhperttylightsTalk to me Stamp by AzuremonStamp: G. Nazi, Extraordinaire by RottedStampsPlease Dont Thank Me STAMP by Puff-DahhWatch Me For Art-Stamp by lupehero38I Love My Watchers STAMP by Puff-Dahh

Art status

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i'm gonna die ;_;
:bulletred: nothing
:bulletorange: sketch
:bulletblue: line art
:bulletpurple: color base

Note: Look here:iconannette-dreams: I submit all the Pcomish in that account.

:iconalwaysforeverhailey: for 5 chibis 5$ (paid) :bulletblue:
:iconcaustic-creations: for 2 chibi ponies couple,chibi pony 5$ (paid) :bulletorange:
:iconoverlord-knives: Full body drawing 10$ (paid):bulletorange:

Art trades-closed-:
:iconmembrillita: my part :AT: DogxNeko by Anini-Chu- waiting for her part
:iconsoartothesky:her part Annette and Risa ART TRADE by SoarToTheSky - my part :bulletorange:
:iconmangagirl96: her part is done-my part:bulletorange:
:iconsweetfallenangell: my part are done~

Points commissions in full body and full color:
:icontailsic: a chibi team 132 and a full color team :bulletorange:-:bulletred: 250:points:(paid)
:iconariellamoonstone: for a full body draw 200:points: (paid) :bulletorange:
:iconsakura9283: for one couple 350:points: (paid):bulletred:
:iconjezminedevilhedgehog: a full body and color drawing 500:points: (paid) :bulletred:
:iconthe-wind-rider: full body couple paid :bulletorange:

Chibis commissions in color
:icontailsic: :bulletorange:x 2 :bulletblue:
:iconakarilh-hedgehog: one chibi of two characters :bulletred:
:icontielss: one chibi full color (paid) :bulletblue:
:icondory888: one chibi and one couple chibi (paid) :bulletpurple:
:iconshady-fuyuzora: chibi couple and one headshot:bulletorange: (paid) :bulletorange:
:iconkaji-koneko: for 4 chibis (paid) :bulletpurple:
:iconesponjita: x 4 chibis paid :bulletred:
:icondinneroll: paid :bulletorange:

Chibis Headshot:
:iconnyan-pinku: no me acuerdo pls (?)

Comish in Adventure time style
:iconsissi3: (paaid) :bulletorange:
:iconelfynightmare: for 6 drawings (paid) :bulletorange:
:iconbonnshakalaka: animated headshot paid :bulletred:
:iconvioletrosedragon14: (paid) :bulletblue:
:icondeaspectralem: couple (paid) :bulletorange:

headshots commissions
:iconniier: two headshots (paid) :bulletpurple:
:iconsweetestcatnip: sketch (paid) :bulletred:
:iconkenny-uchiha: paid :bulletorange:

sketchs and line arts commissions
the-cat x 6 sketch 85:points: (paid) :bulletred:
:iconridiculousrickolous: chibis sketchs paid

Custom adoptables:
Cruel-Nyu one chibi color base adoptable without outfit paid
Tielss chibi adoptable AT -my part are done~

Contest Prizes:
:iconeomy-xomiiw: 3 full color drawings and one chibi :bulletorange:
:iconaykoll: one chibi :bulletblue:
:icondorapz: 3 drawings in aventure time style and 3 chibis :bulletorange:
:iconchrone-art: I don't know yet what she want
:iconkeenann: i don't know yet what she want
:icontielss: two drawings in adventure time style and two chibis:bulletorange:
:iconinesidora: two drawings of mai
:iconstrawberryraindrops: two chibis and two drawings in adventure time style

sketchs trades
Nothing else to do. by Tbearmn22
Requests: -never ,only for my friends-
Nothing else to do. by Tbearmn22

if i forget something,please let me know uvu

waiting for~

<i class=""></i><div class="">


:iconmichylament: for 9 chibis by 120:points: (paid)
:iconaryathecookiekage: for a chibi by 10:points: (paid)
:iconyuehana: for a full body and colored drawing by 270:points: (paid)
:iconjeanbnyan88: for a chibis by 29:points: (paid)
:iconmiho-pyun: for a 5 drawings in full color by 100:points: (paid)
:iconrina-star: for two couples 80:points: (paid)
:icondeaspectralem: for two journal skins,1 full body couple (i think) and one half body (all paid)
:iconblackie-96: for one sketch,icon and full body couple 133:points: (paid)
:iconestiique: for two pixels and 3 full body drawings 44:points: (paid)
:iconsoultribute13: for 5 headshots and two full body sketch 45:points: (paid)
:icondanma-chan: for 4 drawings 100:points: (paid)
:iconxswitchthelight: for one couple and one line art 44:points: (paid)
:iconvjhh: for two drawings 25:points: (paid)
:iconikahueki: 2 drawings 10:points: (paid)
:iconfurunande: for 32 drawings 48:points: (paid)
:icondanma-chan: for 4 drawings 90:points: (paid)
:icone-star99: 21:points: (paid)
:iconclairemaeda: for two full body couples and 4 chibi couples 140:points: (paid)
:iconcaustic-creations: for a chibi couple 60:points: (paid)
:iconkuroimamoru: one sketch 20:points: (paid)
:iconmarthnely-chan: a drawing 10:points: (paid)
:iconmay-chang: one full color draw 60:points: (paid)
:iconmkmacce: for 3 full color draws 120:points: (paid)
:iconleminougris: one full body of Ani 25:points: (paid)
:iconsamyhedgehog19: one draw of Ani 10:points: (paid)
:iconrii-vi: for 4 pixel art and 4 chibis 52:points: (paid)
:iconnekohikari604: 4 chibis 40:points: (paid)
:iconkaichou-nekonyan: 4 chibis 80:points: (paid)
:iconcodymemoriesfavorite: for 4 chibis 60:points: (paid)
:iconmarthnely-chan: 4 chibi couple 28:points: (paid)
:iconspringfeatherx: one chibi sketch 30:points:
:iconkawaii-desuu-nee: one chibi couple 25:points: (paid)
:iconchio-chuu: for one chibi 25:points: (paid)
:iconcuteallie: one ani witch shun sketch 5:points: (paid)
:iconkittyblueeyes: for one full body of ani with train 20:points: (paid)
:iconangell0o0: for 4 sketchs 40:points:
:iconnaraku12: for one full color draw of anixcloud 100:points: paid
one.. or two line arts 100:points: and one sketch 30:points: in total 230 :points:(i guess..) paid
:iconcielsh: full color of two chars anixcloud 80:points: not paid
:iconmei--hakari: for one half body line art and one colored chibi,anixcloud (not paid.. or yes? i can remember x_x)
:iconrinnegan12: one full color draw 80:points: (i guess... ) paid
:iconhimaritachibanahina: one color draw 35:points: (i guess x_x) paid
:iconambar-hedgehog: one couple anixcloud full color 50 or 80 points (i don't remember xD) paid
:iconnekopumpkin: one journal skin 15:points: paid
:iconcocopink: for 5 sketchs full body 15:points: and two full color draws in total 45:points: (paid)
:iconyukikachan: two chibis couples 20:points:
:iconpeachylatte: one chibi full color 80:points: (not paid)
:iconhiimeji: one draw of ani (not paid)
:iconakiraxchocolate18: full body draw two chars and full body line art one char 40:points: (paid)
:iconmihelkeehlchocoholic: for one draw two chars 20:points: (not paid)
:icondamnsweetness: one full color 10:points: draw and one sketch 25:points: and one full color draw and one chibi 80:points:(paid)
:iconmegami-no-kaze: one normal color of two chars 25:points: (paid)
:iconingrid-katana: two chibi couple 20:points: (paid)
:iconkaryogui: one line art (i guess) of anixcloud 5:points: (paid)
:iconfurunande: 5 line arts and one colored draw 20:points: (paid)
:iconjachy: for 5 line arts and two full color 15:points: (paid)
:iconanyeimi-ani: one color couple 27:points: (paid)
:iconzwietrachtdunkelheit: for one dressup 20:points: (paid)
:iconchikoitorichan: for one full body line art 20:points: and one headshot couple anixshun 35:points: (paid)
:icontrunks887: for 3 full color draws anixcloud,anixshun and ani laharl 45:points: (not paid)
:iconxxkiyokoxx: ani with laharl (paid)
:iconhearttier: two color draws one of anixcloud and other of anixshun 20:points: (paid)
:iconjessmikaerisu: one full color draw,two sketchs and one line art 35:points: (paid)
:iconyoru-kuraihime: one full color draw of ani with train and one line art of Ani whit ikuto 55:points: (paid)
:iconcalvinbautista: one full color draw anixshun 10:points: (paid)
:icon666phantomoftheopera: two full colors drawns,one chibi couple and one full body line art 46:points: (paid)
:iconminguchi: one full body and full color hentai of anixcloud 60:points: (paid)
:iconwednesdaysofdoom: for one chibi sketch of ani 8:points: (paid)
:iconvocaloid10: for one full color of anixshun,one sketch full body of anixcloud,other sketch full body of ani and ikuto and other sketch anixshun 64:points: (paid)
:iconcapolecos: for one line art of anixcloud and one full color of anishun 40:points: (paid)
:iconmayu-hikaru: for one stamp 20:points: (paid)
:iconrinnielin:one line art of anicloud and one full color of anid and shun 30:points: (paid)
:iconmidooorikun: two line arts 65:points: (paid)
:iconalekeiia: one headshot of ani whit Train 40:points: (paid)
:iconluchiachan: for one full color of Ani with Ikuto and one colored headshot of ani whit train 74:points: (paid) </b>


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Friends and lovely people~

:heart:People who I love:heart:


Mi sistah y partner que amodoro con todo el cocoro y me hace vomitar arcoiris :iconshuga-chu::heart:
Mi waifu que me trauma con sus weas raras (?) :iconnyan-pinku::heart:
Mi husbando super homo y shota que amoro :iconmadness-rabbit::heart:
Mi Lolo MIA MIA NO SUYA PIONKO(???) que amorow :iconsamyhedgehog19::heart:
Mis babies jermosas que amoro :iconmuphie-chi::iconcelida-orihara::heart:
Mi cuñada :iconmichilee::heart:
Mi nuera que amo en secreto y manager (?):iconliittlemadness::heart:
Mi gemela mala comadre (?):icongaamiyu::heart:
Mi male que fangirlea mis shipps de forma jarcor (?) :iconmalejaguti::heart:

:heart:Mas gentesita que amoro pero no se si me amen:heart:
AND MOREEE~:heart:


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Stamp: KH:3D - Silly Sora by SoraHikariiSora and Roxas by tweetysweetKingdom Hearts 3 Stamp by ZochoKingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Stamp by DbzbabeKingdom hearts Fan by DeedeekinzSora Stamp by Rougethebat04Sora Stamp by DbzbabeSora-OMG-stamp by ZeroIQ5Sora-KFAD-stamp by ZeroIQ5Kingdom Hearts Series Stamp by nakashimarikuRoxas by EllexonSora by EllexonKingdom Hearts Ventus, Sora, and Roxas Stamp by AESDkingdom hearts stamp 1 by kaitasticsora stamp 1 by kaitasticsora stamp 2 by kaitastic:thumb144863440:sora stamp 3 by kaitasticsora stamp 4 by kaitasticKingdom Hearts:BBS Zack Squats by AlaenakinsProud to be nobody - STAMP by YueniVanitas stamp by xselfdestructiveStamp Sora Roxas by youfieThe boys are back stamp by SupremeSonrioKH3D Stamp by ZahninaTheDragonVanitas by EllexonORGXIII Roxas stamp by xselfdestructiveAkuRokuShi Stamp by xselfdestructiveVentus by EllexonXion by EllexonI love Roxas stamp by HavickTheLionNamine and Sora stamp by xselfdestructiveLulzy Sora Stamp by xZinniaxStamp - The Keyblade by CougarinneTerra by EllexonAqua by EllexonNamine by EllexonRiku by EllexonRoxas n Sora Stamp by FlameSalvoKH Birth By Sleep stamp by xselfdestructiveVentus Stamp by xSilverDragoonxVentus stamp by Anmiegrl[Stamp] Ventus by BlueNathanRokuShi DDD stamp by CLFFNeku and Sora - Kingdom Hearts 3D Stamp by MizdreavusVen Stamp by Moki-luAqua Stamp by FennecRikuAqua Fan Stamp by Blayzes


Laharl Sig by kharn-the-betrayer
Laharl Stamp by Mayu-HikaruAdell Stamp by KumoriDragonMao Stamp by Mayu-HikaruValvatorez Stamp by Hime--NyanFlonne Stamp by Mayu-HikaruRaspberyl Stamp by Mayu-HikaruEmizel Stamp by Hime--NyanArtina Stamp by Hime--NyanAxel Stamp by Hime--NyanFenrich Stamp by SilviShinystarStamp - Disgaea by SuxinnDesco Stamp by Hime--Nyandood by UsAgIsAmAtHeQuEeNAxel stamp by iSketchyBeryl Stamp-Haters Gonna Hate by TorreyWolfRozalin Stamp by KumoriDragonMao stamp by YamiRyuu-chanValvaltorez x Artina stamp by Nova-V-Dragoon12Laharl+Flonne Stamp by SoniaBaneStamp: Adell x Rozalin by Mint-Berry-Crunch-69Prinny Stamp by Hime--NyanDisgaea 3 - Mister Champloo Stamp by Roxas-KeybladerTaro Stamp by KumoriDragonVulcano or Volcano stamp by Oh-DesireEtna Stamp by RandomStampsLaharl Stamp by RandomStampsFlonne Love stamp by SoniaBane


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